Latchways Installation


  Vertical Access Limited is one of the UK’s leading trained and certified installers of
  Latchways fall protection systems. We work closely with our clients and offer a complete
  package for working safely at height. This includes advice on the design and installation of   
  Latchways fall arrest systems which will best suit the client’s individual needs.

  Products we install include

  • Guardrails
  • Roof handrails
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lifelines
  • Man safe® Systems
  • Ladder Latch® Systems

  Latchways Man safe® Systems offer a perfect solution for the protection of
  workers who have a requirement to work at height. All systems must be tested
  annually by qualified Latchways installers, Vertical  Access Ltd can offer this
  service on newly installed and existing systems. To view the full range of Latchways
  fall protection systems which can be designed and installed by Vertical Access
  please click on the link below.


  Vertical Access also offer a variety of safe working at height courses designed to
  meet the specific needs of clients.