MSA Latchways SRL

Smarter. Safer. Stronger. Better.

Latchways has produced the most advanced self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) on the market through a combination of innovative engineering, superior materials and futuristic design.
The modular construction of a ManSafe Self-Retracting Lifeline not only preserves the quality
of the product but also allows for quick and easy inspection—as well as full on-site recertification. The on-site inspection and recertification saves operators both time and money making the ManSafe SRLs the most cost-efficient range on the market giving the best ‘return
on investment’.

The Issues with Traditional SRLs

Traditional SRLs utilise dated technology which can lead to inconsistent performance. 
The key issues of concern are:

  • Friction-based braking systems
  • Tensioned-spring locking mechanisms
  • Time consuming and costly repair

Latchways has reinvented the way SRLs work with advanced engineering to provide:

  • A patented frictionless braking system
  • A 100% reliable locking mechanism not driven by tensioned springs
  • Reduced time and overall costs of maintenance

These factors combine to give the most practical and user friendly SRL available. Operators will recognise that the Latchways ManSafe SRLs have completely re-written the rules on 'servicing'. Minimal on-site inspection can determine the functionalilty of the unit and if any performance issues arise, quick on-site maintenance with minimal training from latchways approved trainers is possible.

Cost of Ownership

Unlike traditional SRLs, which need to be returned to the manufacturer, the ManSafe SRL’s modular design allows for quick and easy recertification with just a few simple tools.
Recertification can be carried out by a local authorised Latchways technician, or alternatively Latchways can offer training to company personnel for on-site recertification.
With the possibility of on-site training, the ManSafe SRL has minimal time out-of-action, offering a far more cost-efficient method of fall protection over the lifetime of the SRL.

Servicing a ManSafe SRL

The ManSafe SRLs require a simple visual inspection. There are three key questions to be answered upon visual inspection:

  • Has the cable corroded or webbing frayed?
  • Has the Constant Force unit been deployed?
  • Is the case damaged and/or label on the case still intact and legible?

If any of these elements need replacing—if, say, a fall has occurred—this can be done on-site by a trained user.

ManSafe SRL Recertification Training

Latchways have a clear set of easy to follow recertification manuals and videos that are available on completion of an SRL training programme. To find out more about this complete our ManSafe SRL Training request.

The MSA Latchways SRL range

Mini PFL — Available as a 1.8 m and 3 m webbing lanyard with a choice of two hooks, the ‘mini’ is designed especially for use in an environment where close-anchorage is available such as construction sites.
Standard SRL — Available with cable and webbing lanyards in four different lengths from 3.6 m to 15 m, suitable for a wide range of applications.
Sealed SRL — Available with stainless or galvanised cable lengths of 9 m, 15 m, 25 m and 40 m—the ManSafe Sealed SRL has been specifically designed for use in harsh marine environments such as offshore wind turbines and oil rigs.